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Dilated Capillary Treatment

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Dilated capillary treatment removes prominent “broken capillaries” on the face with our powerful dermatologic pulse dye laser technology. Dilated capillary laser treatment can gently and permanently remove spider veins via a non-surgical, non-invasive approach. Our NYC Dermatologists use Candela’s pulsed dye laser, a 595nm wavelength laser, that selectively heats up hemoglobin found within red blood cells.  Dilated capillaries that contain these red blood cells are painlessly dissolved in 1-2 sessions. This dilated capillary laser is one of the safest modalities around with minimal bruising and swelling reported as the only common side effects.

Professional NYC Capillary Leak Syndrome Cure

Prominent capillaries can be associated with rosacea, a common inheritable condition associated with a ruddy complexion, or just chronic sun exposure. There is no skin testing associated with this procedure and results should be permanent, however, extended time in the sun may bring you back to our office sooner rather than later. The procedure feels like a dull rubber-band snap, so there is only a topical anesthetic applied 15 minutes beforehand. The entire procedure takes about 10 seconds, and the most common question I get asked afterwards is: “What, that’s IT!?” Results usually take up to a week to notice and all our patients can return to work immediately after treatment.  You’ll feel better in a snap! See you soon at our either of New York City or Brooklyn offices!

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